for employers

When we take on a search for an employer, we talk at length with the employer about the
professional skills required for the position as well as the compensation range, the individuals
the candidate will be working with and the employer's work culture. This enables us to speak
knowledgeably with potential candidates about the demands (and rewards) of the position
and the work environment. We then meet in person whenever possible with all potential
candidates to assess their academic and professional experience, and their career goals.
As a result of this screening process, we introduce to the employer only those candidates
that we believe potentially match the needs of the position and the employer's work culture.

for candidates

We take a similar fact-driven approach with candidates looking for new opportunities.
We talk with candidates about their prior experience, their career goals and why they
want to make a change. We offer an objective assessment of the opportunities available
and will develop a plan consistent with a candidate's background and experience
to help him or her achieve their goals. When needed, we provide hands-on
assistance in developing an effective resume and preparing for interviews.